Licenced site-to-site microwave links

How can Licenced Microwave help my business?


Microwave wireless communication operates in the 6 - 46GHz range and is used to securely connect networks at high speed in applications such as CCTV, hospitals, schools, emergency services, holiday parks, ISPs and building to building, typically where wired connections are not cost effective.

The equipment can be installed quickly by our engineers and we'll do all the licencing work for you. A survey will be required by our engineers prior to any quote to ensure a line of sight is available to the other end of the link, after which we can give you an analysis of the speeds and distances available.

Each link has up to 4Gbps capacity and does not have to contend with interference, as often found on the 5GHz unlicenced band, increasing reliability. Security is enhanced by the narrow beamwidth and licenced frequency.

Whether microwave is a new concept to your business or not, give us a call or fill in the form opposite, and we'll guide you through the available options.